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A discount dental plan is an affordable alternative to dental insurance. When you become a member you'll gain access to a network of participating dentists in your area that have agreed to offer their services at a discounted rate.
A discount dental plan works by providing you and your family a range of discounts between 15% - 60%* at in-network dentists.

Our participating in-network dentists save you money on dental procedures by setting fixed prices on dental work. So the price your dentist would usually charge for a dental procedure would get discounted by using one of our discount dental plans.
The specific savings you receive varies based on multiple factors such as where you live, or what procedures you need. As a result, it’s difficult to give an exact dollar amount for you savings. However, you can expect to save between 15% and 60% on all your dental care expenses.

Most customers report back with savings averaging around 47%. You should easily save the annual cost of your membership in your first dental visit.
No. Members and their families may take advantage of the savings at any time throughout the year. Members may also change dentists within the network whenever they choose.
In many cases, members may use both. Simply visit a participating dental provider, pay the bill and submit it to the insurance company. The net out-of-pocket cost will be lower because the insurance company should reimburse the member the plan-allotted percentage of the reduced bill.
Yes. Simply call 1-800-292-5948 or use the contact info on our contact page.

Dental Savings for the Family

Individual and Family Plans Available

Wheather the dental plan is for yourself or your entire family, savings is the number one priority. Our dental plans allow you to gain access to a nationwide dental network of thousands of dentists who offer reduced rates to plan members.

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